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Catering made simple

Quick Order is meant to simplify your business breakfast or lunch event, dinner with friends at home, weekend backyard gatherings, birthday parties or any social event where you need food served right.

You can place a Quick Order in two ways: online and old school with a PDF form.

Order Online

Most Catering Menu items serve 10-12 guests. Simply pick the food you'd like to serve your guests and account for 10-12 guests being served out of each menu item. We will send the items in standard trays and baskets that you can quickly arrange on your tables. If you need equipment and serving dishes give us a call and we'll help you bring it up a notch.

Our Sandwiches & Wraps menu offers assortments of 10 half sandwiches/wraps (5 whole sandwiches/wraps sliced in half) individually wrapped and labeled. All sandwiches & wraps items serve 5-7 guests.

Our Takeout Menu items serve 4 guests. These are family style lunch/dinner items.

Tip: The Coffee & Tea Service menu item serves about 10 guests. Any bottled or canned beverage is priced per unit, you can order as many as you want.

Order Old School with a PDF form

If you rather do it old school and have us do both the math and the cooking, no problem, check out our Per Guest Menu in PDF form. This menu allows you to chose the amount of guests and the items you'd like to serve and we do the rest. You can place the order by email, phone or fax. Yep, we still have a fax number! The Per Guest Menu is also a more extensive and comprehensive menu.


Please have in mind that we have a minimum time frame of 48hrs to process catering orders with a cut-off time of 12 noon. After all, we are a catering company! If you are in a bind and need a next day delivery give us a call. We can probably make it happen for you.

Takeout Menu

Treat yourself at home with top culinary food ready to heat and serve! Check out our Chef’s recommended menus designed for family lunch or dinner at home.

Available Monday through Friday, online or by phone.

Planning an event?

Then Quick Order might not be what you are looking for right now... Contact us about your next event. We are available to help with event planning and we offer menu tastings by appointment.